About the project

8x8 (eight by eight) united pedagogues, mathematicians and game experts. Jointly, they explore the possibilities of simple strategy games for basic education. They build upon previous experience among other with chess. Chess, which is already taught in multiple countries, often times hits obstacles due to it's complexity with students. The diversity and range of games offered on an 8x8 board goes far beyond.

It is the goal of this project to share and learn from a selection of games that can be learnt almost instantaneously, but hide in them a depth and learning opportunity. Additionally all of them are easy to put into practice with simple materials. Making them ideal to be explored in the classroom or even at home. Some can even be played only with Pen and Paper!

As part of this project are classroom, tournament and in general game observations of students that play these games as well as Teacher Training and a Handbook. 8x8 is supported within the frame of the EU training program Erasmus+. It is running between September 16, 2019 and December 15, 2020. The project is lead by the portuguese mathematics association Ludus. Partners are the austrian Haus der Mathematik, from the University College of Teacher Education Vienna, the french regional school administration Académie de Créteil bei Paris and the english consulting firm ChessPlus.

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(coming by the end of 2020)

The Team

Jerome Maufras

John Foley

Jorge Nuno Silva

Monika Musilek

Rita Atkins

Stefan Löffler

Tiago Hirth

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